Manassas Blood Drive


We held this Blood Drive at Skate and Fun Zone and had a decent turn-out. We are hopeful that the next Blood Drive event will be met with greater success.

On our next Blood Drive, we ask for more participants to come on out and donate blood to help save up to three lives.


Inova Blood Drive with Lifestyle Entertainment, LLC

Partners working together to save lives...

Skate and Fun Zone Blood Drive

Lifestyle Entertainment's Blood Drive held on February 6th at Skate and Fun Zone.

Skate and Fun Zone Blood Drive

A great video from Lifestyle Entertainment, LLC.


One of our prized activities was raising money for a local school. We sponsored a car-wash fundraiser for Mullen Elementary School in Manassas, VA. These are some of the photos taken from this event... Mullen Elementary School; volunteer, giving back, philanthropy.