Frequently Asked Questions


Common questions...


1) How do I become a participant?

    a) You must fill out the VIP pass in order to be selected.

    b) Pay the processing fee and obtain a confirmation number.

2) If I am selected, can I bring a guest? 

    a) You are responsible to make sure that your guest’s name is correctly spelled for the release of liability form.

3) Do I have to purchase anything?

    a) No purchase is necessary.

4) What city will the Scavenger Hunt take place?

    a) This can take place in multiple cities and states; it depends on the hunt.

    b) Vehicles will be provided for all participants.

5) Will videos/pictures be taken during, before, or after the Scavenger Hunt?

    a) Your guest will be responsible to take photos of you at the destination(s) of your clues.

    b) Your guest will also be responsible to take videos of you throughout your Scavenger Hunt. So be

sure that they do a "GREAT job of taking a video of you during your search.

    c) Videos and photos become the property of Lifestyle Entertainment for promotional purposes.

6) Will I or my guest have to sign a waiver?

    a) Yes, everyone “MUST” sign a disclaimer and a liability release form and a form to use your photo for 

    promotional purposes.

7) If I am first to complete the event, am I responsible for the taxes on these items I receive?

    a) Yes, you are responsible for any and all taxes that are applicable in your state or otherwise.

8) Will I be responsible for transportation?

    a) No, Lifestyle Entertainment will provide transportation for you to participation in the Scavenger Hunt.

    However, you are responsible for the gas of the vehicle and any other maintenance while in your possession.