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Thank-you for visiting Lifestyle Entertainment and merging with us onto a singular path.  We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a distinguished experience that our company has to offer. As you venture further into our site, you will see tangible assets that may be obtained by completing the "VIP Form." In the "About Us" section below, you will find a thorough outline of the process that must be completed in order to qualify to obtain the lifestyle presented before you. First, take a look at the products that we offer.

When you begin this expedition, several opportunities will be placed at your fingertips as a result of participating with Lifestyle Entertainment, LLC. "The Hottest Spot on the Planet!!"


Travel to Exotic Places


Amusement Parks

A trip to one of the many amusement parks in the US and abroad. Have fun and excitement.


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Gift cards up to $200 for your expenses. entertainment participation


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A trip to an exotic destination that will melt your heart.


Innovation creates change for the advancement of an individual and the society they reside. We create a new future by shifting the past while offering the possibility 

of a Lifestyle. The following are all possibilities that you may achieve with

 Lifestyle Entertainment, LLC.  

We are a community services company.

About Us

Generating excitement


We are a community services company that provides assistance to the people in the community. We engage the public to create a greater living environment for our communities. 

Our founder created the concept of affording the average person to participate in a "Scavenger Hunt that will yield the wittiest person with the possibility of a home and a car. These products would be suitable for an individual to step into the lifestyle offered by the hands of Lifestyle Entertainment, LLC. Becoming ever increasingly popular, Lifestyle Entertainment, LLC will be able to provide a similar lifestyle on a more frequent basis.

The purpose of our company's existence is to provide a unique and to witty participants the opportunity to own a home accompanied with a vehicle. We have a structured platform that will assist the selected participants to enjoy these additional pleasures of life. A selection process will take place that will enable ten teams of two people to participate in the "Scavenger Hunt." This "Scavenger Hunt" will include clues scattered throughout the city that will lead the participants to the next clue and then to the finale. "The Grand Finale." In order to qualify, you must complete the Application process. Applicable rules apply.